Kollidon 25

Kollidon® 25 has been used successfully for decades in pharmaceutical formulations – the adhesive, film-forming, dispersing and thickening properties of soluble Kollidon® are used in tablet binding, sugar coating, film coating, solubilization, stabilization and numerous other ways. The improvement in the solubility of active ingredients brought by complexation or association, and the thickening effect find use mainly in the manufacture of liquid dosage forms. The grade of Kollidon® that is selected depends mainly on its molecular weight, as this dictates the viscosity, binding effect, the complexation capacity and how readily it is eliminated by the body.

Molecular Weight 28000-34000
K Value 22.5-27.0
Chemical name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone
CAS-No: 9003-39-8
Regulatory Status: Povidone in Ph. Eur., JP and USP-NF.
HSN Code 39059990
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