Kollidon CL M

Kollidon® CL-M is used as a stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions and to improve the drug release characteristics of tablets, capsules or granules. Our disintegrant with micronized particles, delivers a slight disintegration functionality when used as binder. The crosspovidone is also used as pore former in some formulations. Kollidon® CL-M is an inert material for stabilization of oral or topical suspensions. It achieves this effect by increasing the volume of the sediment and reducing its sedimentation rate. It makes it easier to redisperse the sediment by shaking without increasing the viscosity of the dispersion; it also prevents the formulation of a cake (anticaking-effect). Cakes are difficult to redisperse in a suspension.
The insoluble grades of Kollidon® (Crospovidone) are manufactured by a polymerization process that yields crosslinked insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidone in the form of a “popcorn” polymer. The polymerisation is performed using an aqueous system. Neither organic solvents nor radical starters are involved at any stage.

Type Type B
Particle Size 3 µm – 10 µm
Chemical name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone, crosslinked
CAS-No: 9003-39-08
Regulatory Status: Crospovidone in Ph. Eur., USP/NF and JPE. Due to its particle size Kollidon® CL M corresponds to Type B in Ph. Eur.
HSN Code 39059990


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