Kollidon CL

The insoluble grades of Kollidon® (Crospovidone) are manufactured by a polymerization process that yields crosslinked insoluble polyvinylpyrrolidone in the form of a “popcorn” polymer. The polymerisation is performed using an aqueous system. Neither organic solvents nor radical starters are involved at any stage. Kollidon® CL is available as standard, fine, superfine and micronized grade.

Type Type A
Particle Size 90 µm -130 µm
Chemical name: Polyvinylpyrrolidone, crosslinked
CAS-No: 9003-39-08
Regulatory Status: Crospovidone in Ph. Eur., USP/NF and JPE. Due to its particle size Kollidon® CL corresponds to Type A in Ph. Eur.
HSN Code 39059990
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