Kolliphor P 188 Micro

Kolliphor® P 188 Micro is an excipient that can support and enhance a wide range of instant and modified release applications. It is used for lubrication needs in direct compression and dry granulation production of tablets and capsules. Wetting and dissolution enhancement is also supported in oral, liquid, and oral semi-solid formulations. The average particle size of Kolliphor® P 188 Micro is 50 microns.

Chemical name: Micronized Poloxamer
Former trade name: Lutrol® micro 68
CAS-No: 06-11-03
Compendial Name: Ph. Eur., USP / NF: Poloxamer 188; JPE: Polyoxyethylene (160) Polyoxylpropylene (30) glycol
HSN Code 34021300
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