Kolliphor P 188

Kolliphor® P 188 is an poloxamer that enables and enhances a wide range of functional applications. For instant and modified release applications, Kolliphor® P 188 can act as a stabilizer in oral suspensions. In formulations that include poorly soluble actives, Kolliphor® P 188 can improve solubility, absorption and bioavailability. Corresponding dosage forms can then be processed by melting or granulation. Kolliphor® P 188 serves as a plasticizing agent, a solubilizer and an emulsifier, supporting both solid and liquid dispersions, as well as emulsions and micro-emulsions. Kolliphor® P 188 can also act as a co-emulsifier in creams and emulsions for skin delivery applications. Kolliphor® P 188 can be used as an emulsifier and solubilizer, as a dispersing and wetting agent for solid dispersions and also to improve solubility, absorption and bioavailability of poorly soluble actives. It also is utilized as a co-emulsifier in creams, emulsions and as a suspension stabilizer and tablet lubricant. As dissolution enhancer, lubricant and wetting agent it is particularly suitable for wet granulation.

Chemical name: Poloxamer
Former trade name: Lutrol® F 68
CAS-No: 06-11-03
Regulatory Status: Meets requirement of Ph. Eur., USP / NF:
Poloxamer 188; JPE: Polyoxyethylene (160)
Polyoxylpropylene (30) glycol.
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