Kollisolv P 124

The only monographed poloxamer that is liquid at room temperature – making it ideal for liquid dosage forms. It is used for liquid-filled softgel capsules as a dispersion medium for APIs, or as plasticizer for tablet formulations.

Skin delivery application
Kollisolv® P 124 is a liquid amphiphilic co-polymer acting as emulsifier for emulsions, creams, gels and foams.

Softgel application
As a liquid amphiphilic polymer, Kollisolv® P 124 helps solubilizing APIs in softgels. It acts as solvent and filler, as well as solubility enhancer.

Chemical name: Poloxamer
Former trade name: Lutrol® L 44
CAS-No: 06-11-03
HSN Code 34021300
Compendial Name: Ph. Eur., USP / NF: Poloxamer 124; JPE: Polyoxyethylene (20) Polyoxylpropylene (20) glycol
Description: Kollisolv® P 124 is a milky white paste or liquid. The product contains d,l-alpha tocopherol as an antioxidant.
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