About Us

Our History

Trasn-Chem Corporation is partnership firm started in 1989 with partners Mr.Zubin Zaveri, Mrs.Nutan Zaveri and Mrs.Chandan Zaveri. Trans-Chem Corporation is  recognised as a leading excipients supplier of BASF and DMV.

CEO’s Message

Transchem Corporation is established in the Year   1989, Trans Chem has evolved to be India’s leading and most reputed importer of excipients catering the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Trans-Chem ensures the supplies of the very best in excipients offered from World’s leading Chemical Company BASF and DMV.  We seek to reduce client cost and risk while operating at service levels that are continuously aligned with their business. Whether a critical R & D Project or commercial scale up project implementation, arranging for technical seminars and international visits to important work-shops, or complete excipients sourcing from wide range, we believe we have emerged as an elite provider of innovative solutions to the Pharmaceutical Industry.

Trans-Chem believes in Quality of Quantity i.e. every time excipients are supplied no compromise is made on quality aspects and the customer is sure of what he has ordered and what is finally delivered.

Zubin Zaveri


By Providing the best solutions to customers, Customer Interaction and Ethics
  • We start this by offering the best technical support, offering the most competitive pricing in the Industry and finally ends with a committed delivery schedule  We have high respect of core values which includes  “shared vision, shared values, shared wealth.” That means many things to us, but none more important than a shared behavior of integrity and servitude to one another and our clients.
  • Secondly, we add to that an extraordinary level of employee ownership to assure the vested interest of every TRANS-CHEM Customer.
  • And thirdly, we spend the required time and resources to assure that we establish and use standard practices, methods, tools and knowledge towards quality service. Finally, while we enjoy the success of a rapidly growing firm, we run our own business with the same discipline we bring to our clients. We run our firm with a lean, highly automated back office so we can scale our organization without adding cost. In doing so, we set the stage to bring an extraordinary value proposition to our clients.
  • In summary, we look forward with highest expectations to fully realize our vision of being the elite firm in our industry, essential to our clients, a great place to work and a highly valued firm to the benefit of all TRANS-CHEM customers.

We Are

We are an integrated pharmaceutical distributor supplying a basket of excipients from reputed companies wide.

Our Purpose

To service the Pharma Industry with quality excipients so that the right material is administered to human beings.

Our Vision

To become a unique distributor with value added technical (VAS) service.

Our Motto

At, Transchem, we provide platinum level services in a co-ordinated, relationship-driven manner, which utilizes standard and proven methods and technology, applying specialized skills and knowledge to correct business value through innovation with a global team of business and technology experts.

All clients big and small geared towards achieving specific, measurable business objectives and Trans-Chem.


  • To provide a Platform to understand the needs of a customer for their product development activity.
  • To provide assistance to customer to find out the best available Binders, Disintegrant, Solubilizer, Enteric Coating etc from BASF range of Excipients.
  • Keeping adequate inventory as per normal production programme of the customer.
  • Provide free samples, brochure, other write ups material to scale the batches.
  • Having a continuous follow-ups and providing them the required documents and help in filing ANDA batches and meeting other regulatory compliances.
  • Monthly meeting with all customers to understand their requirements, competitors moves and pricing.
  • Excellent godown facilities at Bhivandi on Ownership Basis.

Key Objective

Quality Products
We are dedicated to satisfy all our customers by supplying the highest level of quality in everything everytime we supply.

Collaboration & Team Work
We seek opportunities to build relationship and leverage knowledge, expertise and resources to correct a grater value across the business.

We uphold the self esteem and dignity of each other by creating an open culture conducive for expressions of ideas, views and prices of all our products.

Commitment of Price
And above all, we are committed to offer the best competitive price in the industry.